Concrete Cases Hook Case – Premium Laptop Bag User Review

Concrete Hook laptop caseIf you’re looking for an executive level laptop case, one that would demand the same respect in the boardroom as a top level briefcase, then you really should check out Concrete Cases. Contrary to their name these lovely cases are made of leather and suede not cement, sand, gravel and water.

If you spend more time in a cab or car than public transport, cycling or jogging to work then you probably have no real need for a heavily padded, utilitarian case. Perhaps sir or ma’am would prefer Italian leather and suede wrapped around an aluminium frame?

Concrete Cases are a new company who provide beautifully made laptop bags, which are also extremely durable and that will protect your tech whilst adding a certain air of class.

“Concrete Cases is a company that is run in a creative and transparent manner. We collaborate with a small, handpicked group of international designers to create products that stand out from the crowd.”

I’ve been using the Hook Case by Concrete Cases and as soon as I opened the box and took the case out of its travel bag I knew that this was not meant to be worn whilst mountain biking.

This is one of the most classy laptop cases I’ve worn. You can’t help but stroke that soft Italian leather. Even where the aluminium frame is exposed at the corners reeks of designer know-how.

Those corners aren’t just for show mind. The Hook Case is so called as you can wear the case in a variety of ways – those corners are also the attachment points for the carabiners on the strap to lock.

concrete cases strap range

Because the case is kind of minimal in the padding department, when you slip in your 13 or 14-inch laptop in to the suede interior it weighs practically the same as just the laptop on its own.

There are three different sizes available for the Hook Case, which are small, medium and large. The small is ideal for 11 and 12-inch laptops; the medium for 13 and 14-inch laptops, and the large for 15, 16 and 17-inch laptops.

There are also a few different colour options that you can choose from: Antelope Brown / Cobalt blue interior, Green Grey / Purple blue interior, Red Brown / Black interior and Charcoal Black / Orange interior.

I’ve got the Red Brown version and it looks perfectly at home as I step off at Barbican tube station and wander around London’s Square Mile. The case looks and feels a lot more expensive than its £145 price tag.

The suede lining does take care of your lappy and there’s a couple of slip pockets inside for your bits ‘n’ pieces.

Being an executive case Concrete Cases aren’t going to furnish the Hook with myriad pockets in to which you can shove all your worldly goods – you’ll have a porter to carry all of that – but there is enough room for essentials.

You can slide in your laptop, its charger, a phone, some pens and a few documents that will obviously require your sign-off before things go any further.

Not being an executive I just shoved a few SUBSET cds in 😉

If you’re in the market for an Italian leather laptop case which will set you apart from the rank and file on the commuter train then you should defintely check out Concrete Cases.

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