Computer Poltergiest Prankster USB

usb-pranksterIf you like to freak out your partner of irritate your workmates then this simple USB device will be right up your street.

Just sling it into the victims puter and it’ll turn caps lock on and off, make random mouse movements, type out random text and generally be very annoying.

Handily, the Prankster features a time delay setting, so that after installing it, you can make your getaway safely before it starts misbehaving.

The Prankster is highly annoying, but it’ll never activate the Enter key or close or save documents, so it’s mostly mischievous, not super-dangerous.

That is unless the victim gets so fed up they restart their machine without saving…. but then it’s still their fault right? 😉


Get the USB Computer Prankster from Thumbs Up website for £19.99

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