Commute on a BOXX – The Suitcase Shaped Electric Bike

BOXX Electric Bike - RedIf you’re looking for an easy way to get from A-B then a mini electric bike could serve your needs. Here’s the latest – the aptly named BOXX electric bike.

You may know that I’ve enthused about such cool transport as the OZO Easy Glider, the YikeBike and even the Sinclair X-1.

The BOXX just looks… different.

If you’re one of those people that used to play with the packaging as well as the toy inside, then this BOXX might float your boat.

The BOXX electric bike is 1 metre long and weighs 55kg – so, unlike the Yike, you wont be hopping on and off the tube or train with this under your arm.

It’s equipped with traction control, anti-lock brakes and LED lights so no shortage of tech here.

The BOXX does sprint along at 35mph with a top range of 40 miles, so that should sort most quick trips.

It will even support a load of 136kg – so pies are allowed 😉

There’s a range of colours and other options to play with so that you can make your BOXX your own.

The entry level BOXX will set you back US$4,000 but you can get another 40 miles range if you fork out an additional 600 bucks.

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