Commodore Release Notebook – UMMD 8010/F


The very name evokes those halcyon days of me, my bro and my cousin gathered around the VIC 20 listening to the tape loading, crashing and loading again.

Now the mighty C has joined the netbook market with the new C7-M processor powered lappy.

The very Commodore looking netbook, named UMMD 8010/F, presents an 80GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM and the usual array of wireless connectivity in the form of 802.11b/g and Bluetooth, although the latter will be optional.

Opting to run the C7-M processor instead of Intel’s Atom 1.6Ghz offering taken up by many other manufacturers, the netbook will come with the choice of Microsoft XP or GNU Linux operating systems. 

The 10-inch screen, .3 mp webcam and a digital array microphone are quite a let down however. 

It will be available in four colours; white, black, grey and sweet pink.

Prices start at an unbelievable £325 considering the better specced models out there in this ever increasing market.

But it should be out in the next month or so if you’re really wanting a Commodore again.