Colourful Aquos PCs

Aquos blackAquos Red Aquos white

Here’s the new Internet AQUOS PCs that are being released in Japan in 5 different colours, and to me, they look kinda neat.

The specs wont floor you but they’re on a par with a lot of the media desktops out at the moment.  The flagship PC-AX120V has a 1.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 processor and 250GB HDD.

The PC range also includes terrestrial digital TV tuners, a choice of CPUs and dedicated PVR hard drives up to 500GB, and Windows Vista Home Premium.

The Aquos computer comes without a monitor; instead it has an HDMI connection to hook up to an Aquos HDTV.

The PC range is designed to slip into Sharp’s Aquos FamiLink concept, which involves networking an Aquos PC, TV and Blu-ray player.  The desktop comes with a remote-control handset compatible with all of Sharp’s range.  A touch-sensitive pad for controlling the mouse pointer is also included.

The range will be available in Japan by mid-December, priced from £460 to £963.