Colour e-Book Reader Seeks OEM – Qualcomm Mirasol Display

qualcomm-mirasolQualcomm‘s Mirasol displays have appeared in mobile phones, Digital Audio Players (DAP) and GPS devices but now it seems that its going to join in on the latest craze.

E-book readers

The full colour, 5.7 inch display touting prototype just needs a friendly, loving and understanding OEM partner to take it home and nurture it – and soon.

That is if it’s to meet Qualcomm’s ambitious target of getting it on the market in the “latter part of 2010.”

Going on looks alone I really can’t see it having any problems with getting lots of love from gadgety readers and then you see the specs….

To start with, that XGA (220ppi) Mirasol display is not only full-colour, but allows for video playback, is supposedly readable in direct sunlight, and reportedly has a “minimal impact” on battery life.

For the full low-down have a look at SlashGear’s piece over here – just a click away 🙂

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