Cocoon Laptop Bag / Alien Incubator

bagsfutureIf touting a laptop bag that looks more like an alien incubator rather than just another run-of-the mill device for lugging your lappy in is your thing then check out this concept bag from Cocoon Innovations.

Cocoon states that it’s not just about their other-worldly looks – it goes much deeper than that.

Inside the bags, there’s a proprietary material called the Grid that serves as an “elastic organization system” so you can choose how you want your gadgety loveliness organised – as well as leaving room for that feotal extra-terrestrial life form.  Might be best to avoid annoying the little blighter 😉

The pic does look more like a rendering than a photo pic so here’s hoping that the actual product looks as groovy as the artists dreaming.

I’m sure all will be revealed at CES.