ClimateCase 800 series keeps your phone hot or cool

climatecase Rockin ItCoastal ClimateCase has just announced the ClimateCase 800 Series. This case will protect your smartphone from overheating and freezing.

Has it starts to get colder in the northern hemisphere and hotter down south this might be the ideal time for one of these cases.

ClimateCase 800

Thanks to ClimateCase’s multi-layered neoprene insulation system your phone can be protected from extreme temperatures.

Their patented technology will prevent any smartphone from overheating in extremely hot conditions, and from freezing in extremely cold conditions.

Additionally, ClimateCase 800 will also protect smartphones against accidental drops, the number one cause of mobile phone damage.

There is also a secure pocket for money or credit cards.

Finally, they also come with a removable carabineer so you can attach it to virtually anything.

Tested? TIC

ClimateCase CamoProudFurthermore, after three years of research and product development, the ClimateCase was tested and approved by Bureau Veritas.

Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC).


ClimateCase’s CEO Lisa Lambert stated:

After 15 minutes below 32 F or above 95 F, your phone may shut down completely to protect itself, leaving you vulnerable and out of touch. In addition, prolonged exposure to harsh temperatures can permanently damage smartphones and its internal battery. With the ClimateCase, there is no need to take the risk.”

Larry Monte, ClimateCase’s COO, added:

The ClimateCase’s revolutionary patented 7mm cooling and warming system can be used proactively or reactively. Simply place your cell phone inside the case before encountering extremely hot or cold weather. Or if your phone suddenly stops working, ClimateCase can quickly restore your phone to its optimal temperature in less than 60 seconds.”

Price and availability

ClimateCase 800 is machine washable and fits most cell phone brands and models.

The case costs $34.99 and is available at

You get to choose from the following colours and designs: onyx, cotton candy, safety orange, sea glass, camo proud, rockin’ it, shredded and tropical vibes.