Clearaudio Tracer tonearm released

clearaudio tracer blackRenown German turntable specialist Clearaudio has just released a new radial tonearm called the Tracer.

This is the 10th Clearaudio tonearm in its current catalogue, and, as such, takes its place between the Magnify and Clarify models.

Moreover, that puts it just three steps below the flagship Universal.

Clearaudio Tracer

clearaudio tracer tonearmWe’re told the Tracer is a “minimalist design that places particular emphasis on the stable positioning of the phono cartridge above the record’s surface.” Well, who are we to argue about that?

Clearaudio’s design team apparently looked to high-end watchmaking for pointers.

The Tracer features a high-precision, low-friction jewelled bearing which is deftly crafted using a combination of tungsten and sapphire.

Finally, the tonearm tube is constructed from carbon. As you will already be aware, this is both extremely rigid and very lightweight, giving a just-right combination of stability and agility.

clearaudio tracer rearThe Tracer is easy to use too.

The Anti-skating force is adjustable by way of a simple dial, while the aluminium headshell allows the azimuth to be easily fine-tuned.

clearaudio tracer headshellThe counter-weight is under-slung to provide an optimal centre of gravity. Additionally, this also allows for straightforward adjustment of the tracking force.

Price and availability

The Clearaudio Tracer tone arm has an RRP of £1,810. It is available with a black or silver carbon arm-tube, with matching aluminium parts.

More information can be had at Clearaudio’s website.