City Wolf Monster Truck by Revell review

city wolf outdoorsOne thing I love about writing for GadgetyNews is that, amongst all the top-flight tech and amazing gadgets, on occasions I get to just be a big kid. Yes, I have been playing with the City Wolf by Revell.

This red monster truck has been put through its paces both indoors and, where its over-sized tyres get to be tested, out in the wild (my back garden).

City Wolf is aimed at drivers aged 8 years and over and, thankfully for me, is also designed to be easy to drive.

Once the four AA batteries had been stored in the Wolf’s body and a 9 volt square battery screwed away in the controller (no batteries are included) then it was a simple matter of flicking the switch under the truck to the ‘On’ position and off we went. The switch on the controller is just part of the molding and does not move.

city wolf undercarriageCity Wolf measures 27.4 x 16 x 14 cm and weighs 231g. If you discover that the steering favours a particular side then a simple adjustment to the tracking using the yellow lever in the middle of the front axle soon sorts that out.

city wolf suspensionThe suspension looks great and appears to handle bouncing from grass, stones, dirt, carpets, rugs and tiled floors with no problem. As does the Wolf’s robust plastic chassis.

In the write-up it says that the batteries should last a long time… I guess that all depends on which brand you buy but, as I’d suggest with all battery-powered gadgets, it’s probably best to invest in some rechargeable cells.

city wolf grassI’ve had a blast annoying my girlfriend with this and I bet that pets would be equally ‘amused’ if you put their favourite treat or toy in the truck’s flatbed – not that I’d ever condone the taunting of our four-legged friends, of course.

City Wolf is really easy to drive and it should be able to take a few knocks.

The Revell City Wolf is available from for £18.70.

For more details visit, @RevellGermany or