City of London Police Are Metrotextuals.

colp“Call the Cops” once said a great man……well, Sean Ryder.

Not any more.

The City of London Police have launched a new SMS service that will enable regular folk to report crimes and send them information using their mobiles.

The new SMS number was initially planned as a replacement for the Typetalk and Textphone services for people with hearing impairment or speech difficulties but will be made available for any member of the public to use with the Square Mile to report non-emergency incidents.

To use the service, just send an SMS to 07940 500 500 stating your name, the location of the incident and a summary of what is happening.

As soon as your text is registered you will receive a confirmation text in reply.

Of course – in an emergency use 999! Just thought I’d better say that.

“We hope that people will find this service useful, particularly those who have hearing or speech difficulties,” said Chief Inspector Anthony Cairney, “People should find it a lot easier to use than typetalk and textphone services.”

City of London Police