Cinema One – It’s an iDock & DVD Playing Sound Bar

What do you get when you cross a Home Theatre in a box (HTIB) and an iPhone/iPod dock?

The Philips CinemaOne, that’s what!

It’s an iPod speaker system, a DVD player, and a soundbar all in one pretty package.

Connect it to your flatscreen via HDMI and it will provide surround audio through five DSP-driven speakers and a 4 inch sub, – all this is squeezed into something around the size of a football.

The DivX-compatible DVD player seems decent, with 1080p scaling and Dolby Digital and DTS support.

My stumbling block is that it doesn’t use a separate sub speaker; you know, the one that generally gets hidden away?  These speakers use one when shoved in their Ambisound bars so what makes this so different?

As with most things today, there’s no pricing or release date yet and I do hope that this actually sounds as good as it looks though – until I actually hear it I’m reserving my judgment.