Chugulug – Random Booze Maker? PARTY!!

If cocktail shakers are a bit old hat and too passé to have in your high-tech loft appartment – or if you’re just intent on throwing the funnest party ever read on my friends, read on.

Enter the Chugulug Drinks Factory.

Ok, so it sounds a bit like something that Lazy Luke and Blubber Bear might come up with but it is actually a cunning device for making you rather tipsy.

It consists of a series of interchangeable tubes that then connect to a variety of specialised compartments, such as the Ice Chamber and Vortex Funnel, that go on to mix and chill your dink through a 10-or-so step process that looks utterly impossible to clean.

But then, with all the 80% proof that will be going through it I am sure any nasties will be killed – or at least have the worse hang-overs in history! 🙂

It’ll cost you $38 and a new liver and kidneys.