Chrome for a Cause – Browsing = Trees, Books, Water, Vaccinations…

It’s sad but unavoidable in these times of the Crunch that when trying to keep your own bills and outgoings covered that donations to charities, no matter how worthy, are one of the first things to be hit.

I think that most of us would like to give the odd quid here and there but most of the clipboard wielding charity operatives are looking for you to sign up for a fixed amount every month which not everyone is able to guaruntee to have in their account.

But, still, two things ring true (with me anyhow).

  1. Christmas is a time for giving
  2. Chrome is a great browser

So, when one of my good buddies (Danny Brown take a bow) told me about Chrome for a Cause then this was a no-brainer for me.

Chrome for a Cause is a Google Chrome extension that counts the number of tabs you open in one session and translates it into charity donations – The good deed add-on is running from 15-19 December.

You’re able to choose one of five charities you want to donate to, and you get a reading of what your tabs have been converted into thanks to a little icon in the top right of your browser (next to the customisation icon). The five charities are Doctors Without Borders, The Nature Conservancy, Room to Read, Charity:Water and Un Techo para mi País.

Anyone less than trusting of Google since their ‘accidental’ snooping earlier in the year will be glad to know that “Chrome for a Cause tracks your tab count, but doesn’t store any of your browsing history.”

An example of the tabs to donation exchange rate is: 10 tabs to plant a tree or donate a book.

Click here to start your free donating!

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