Chord Poly Gofigure app released

GoFigure logoThe wait is finally over! Gofigure, the configuration app for Poly, has now been launched.

Chord Electronics announced the release of Gofigure over the weekend on Twitter.

The free Gofigure app allows easy network setup and simple settings management. So, you get easy to navigate options such as selecting between Roon and Everything Else mode.

Additionally, Gofigure also features an innovative set-up wizard that configures both new and existing Poly’s to available WiFi networks and Bluetooth. Furthermore, there is step-by-step configuration for those requiring the use of Hotspot mode.

chord electronics Poly gofigure appYou will also see a new feature named QuickPlay. Although QuickPlay is not intended to replace third-party control point apps, such as Glider and 8 Player, it allows convenient playback of MPD generated playlists stored on your Micro SD card. This is handy for when you don’t want to frequently interact with your device – such as when you’re at the gym.

Grab the app

GoFigure app storeGofigure connects with your Poly via Bluetooth so we recommend that you leave this permanently on and, for best operation, you must update to at least firmware version 1.0.26. You can find how to do this by clicking here.

Where all this is pretty good news for us Chord Poly users, some of us still have to wait. Currently Gofigure is only available for those with fruity phones. Android users still have to wait for their version to land.

Download today and bin the pin! Head on over to the App Store.