Chord Electronics Poly/Mojo lovely leather case

Chord Mojo Poly LeatherIf you are a Chord Mojo owner and now added the wonderful Poly, you’ll be needing a natty case to hold your awesome device and keep it scratch-free. Well, you are in luck as Chord Electronics has introduced a high-quality Poly/Mojo case.

Chord Electronics has announced a new Japanese-made protective leather case for Mojo and Poly. It also available right now. Perfect if you have a Poly on your Christmas list and other loved ones are still unsure what to get you 😉

Chord Poly/Mojo case

Chord Mojo Poly LeatherDesigned to complement the award-winning Mojo DAC/headphone amp and Poly wireless streamer/player, the Poly/Mojo leather case offers stylish protection for on-the-go usage.
The case has been styled by Chord Electronics’ John Franks and Fumi Higashi San of VanNuys Inc. It is exclusively manufactured by VanNuys Inc. in Tokyo.

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Luxuriously finished, the new case offers a snug fit that perfectly cossets the two devices. Also, the design gives unrestricted access to Poly’s ports, indicators and configuration port. Additionally, there’s full access to Mojo’s twin 3.5mm headphone mini-jack outputs and illuminated control/display spheres.

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Price and availability

The Poly/Mojo protective leather case is available now priced at £120