Cheeky Android bot seen taking a leak on Apple logo in Google Maps

google mapsThe battle between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems have seen sneaky shots from both parties, but this might just been one of the most blatant – and funny.

I am sure that Android would happily back the No iOS Zone Wi-Fi hack but, until then, it looks as though they’re happy having a huge ‘Droid peeing on teh Apple logo.

Yes, there is actually a large Android mascot, also known as an Android bot or Bugdroid, using an Apple logo as a urinal on Google Maps.

Marked south of the Pakistani town of Rawalpindi, the image can be seen on the Map view in Google Maps — switch to Earth (satellite) view, and it disappears.

android wees on appleThe image, spotted by Team Android, is still visible on both the desktop and mobile version of Google Maps, for now.

The mystery is how did it get there? Could it be an inside joke by one of Google Maps developers, or some sort of hack?

The latest explanation comes by way of a Google spokesperson who says that the image is likely a result of a user abusing Map Maker, the tool that allows everyone to contribute to Google Maps.

Even though edits are moderated, occasionally the odd inaccurate or cheeky edit may slip through our system,”

Sadly, it sounds like this particular “cheeky edit” will soon be removed. I now wait for an Apple-flavoured retort.