Check Out The Zoom On That! Fuji S8100fd

I seem to be writing quite a bit about cameras lately – what with the ones I’ve posted on here together with writing bits ‘n’ pieces on

So, what’s this one all about then?

What you have here is a compact snapper from Fujifilm.  The 10-megapixel S8100fd.

So?  Well it will sucker-punch you with its 18x zoom – that’s what!  We’re talking a focal length of 27-486mm equivalent to a 35mm camera.

It’s not only about long distance stamina; it copes fantastically with short distances as well with its 1cm macro function and by fitting more into the wide end of the lens so there!

A lengthy lens is not all its got - it has the 2.5-inch LCD screen plus a viewfinder.  You get manual control as well as shutter and aperture priority with a 5 frame exposure bracketing mode to boot.

If you like taking pics of fast things, or perhaps like the idea of making a flickbook the S8100FD can rattle off snaps at 15 frames per second albeit at 1.2 mp. 

It’s due in March and I’m guessing prices aren’t gonna be cheap when they’re released.