Cheaper Apple MacBooks Incoming – Sounds All White to Me

white macbookWant to groove with OS X but your budget stops around the £600 mark?

How about a brand new MacBook that sports a sleeker, smaller plastic case?

According to those Apply know-it-all’s, AppleInsider, the polycarbonate MacBook could be about to get an overhaul, with a thinner body, internal battery and, perhaps more importantly, a lower price-tag.

Word is that this new MacBook could in fact be within the production process as I type!

It sounds like it will stay white but will change in the face of the crunch.

At the moment Apple’s MacBook sells for £749 but this could drop down to the £600 area.

Would £150 in your pocket see you buying a new MacBook?

Drop me a line 🙂

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