Charing Cross Station Gets Free Wi-Fi Service

Commuters haring for their trains this morning may have missed this but Charing Cross is the first Tube station to have Wi-Fi access.

The new service started today and will be on trial for the next six months.

This will enable travelers and those lurking around the station to log on to the Internet from Charing Cross ticket hall area, as well as the Northern and Bakerloo line platforms – needless to say, you’ll soon loose your connection when you go sub-terrainian or out of Wi-Fi range, which ever happens first.

This is part of Boris Johnson’s plan to get Wi-Fi and phone connections happening on the underground in time for the 2012 games.

You can grab free Transport for London live updates but interweb surfing will only be free for BT broadband users who have unlimited BT FON Wi-Fi minutes, or people on BT Openzone.

So, if you happen to be delayed and want to do some ad hoc browsing or need to check in using Places or Foursquare – now you can.

What else would you use this service for?

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