ChargeBox – Little Electricity Lockers for Lifeless Gadgets

How many times has my bandmates asked me to borrow my phone because they’ve forgotten to recharge theres?

How many times have you been en route somewhere and your laptop or mobile has died?

These days we’re surrounded by tech that requires some lightening juice whether it be a handheld gaming system, a mobile phone, portable music player, PMPs or one of the many gadget things that starts with an ‘i’.

Personally I check my email inboxes, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and check into Foursquare perhaps too many times to be deemed healthy but all that does highten the risk of a dead battery and nowhere to recharge.

ChargeBox feels your pain. All you nomophobes (that’s the fear of being out of mobile phone contact) can breathe a sigh of relief even when you’re stranded, miles away from a mains supply.

ChargeBox consists of 6 small lockers, each packed with a range of different chargers for different gadgets, including phones, mp3 players and games consoles. Just plug in to the relevant charger, pay a £1 – in either real cash or by SMS (if you have enough charge left) – and get 40mins of charge time. Lock the door, take the key and recharge yourself with some caffeine while you wait 🙂

Thankfully there’s also a find-a-chargebox service that’s also been launched to coincide with ChargeBox. Guess what that does? 😉 Just text ‘charge’ (again, if you have some left) to 60066, followed by your town, postcode, or tube station (standard network rates apply). Chargebox will soon be launching a free iPhone app too.

There’s a Charge Box in Paddington station, Oxford Street and Victoria station, as well as some airports, universities and shopping centres and, apparently a forest or two.

Do you fancy leaving your lifeline to the interweb and textiverse in a locker when there’s people on scooters willing to smash and grab from top jewellers on Oxford Street and Bond Street?

Let me know below 🙂

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