Chanel Fiole – Possibly The Most Fashionable Car Ever

Chanel CarSome people see cars as a fashion statement.

Others buy into the heritage of a certain marque.

If you’re looking for a ride that mixes futuristic design with the name of high fashion then look no further!

Designed by Jinyoung Jo, a car student designer from South Korea this is the Chanel Fiole.

Jo said that she was focused on targeting women with her Chanel inspired transport but I’m sure that men will fall for this car just as much.

The design takes on the simple elegance that has been the Chanel trade mark and is highlighted in the black and white colour scheme of the Fiole.

I love the way that the rear wheels are covered by a skirted panel giving it a slippery, sleek finish.

The Fiole is a 3 seater configured with two in front and one in the back and as you’d imagine the interior is something to behold.

A great looking car but when you consider the price of a Coco Chanel handbag – the car aint gonna be cheap!

Check out the video below:

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