Championship Manager is Off the Bench for iPhone & iPod Touch

cmAll you footie fans are looking kinda lost as the end of the soccer season approaches.

Beautiful Game Studios and Dynamo Games are here to fill that void (or summer as we non-football fans call it) and have confirmed the release of Championship Manager for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The (beautiful) game makes good use of the iPhone and iPod Touch’s Multi-Touch user interface; so effortless flicking from screen-to-screen should be as easy as dropping your shoulder and sending the defender the wrong way.

Unfortunately there’s not even a whisper of that 3D match engine that’s apparently gonna make an appearance in the up-and-coming PC version – but the 2D engine should be more than capable for all your tactical tapping.

You get full managerial control of multiple UK leagues – key features include individual training to fine-tune your slicing triker’s right foot, and boardroom interaction.

Throw in the customary post-match press conference to berate the ref and you’ve got a mobile Champ that fulfills the management criteria.

It’ll cost you a lot less than a Premiership player at £3.49 and you don’t even after wait for the transfer window as you can download the Championship Manager application from Apple’s App Store right now.