Chairman Dock for that Ulysee Nardin Android Phone [how much?!?]

If you’ve forked out for the hyper-expensive Android phone from watch makers Ulysse Nardin then you’ll need a very luxurious docking station/carrying case for it.

The Chairman Smart Phone Docking Station is a lacquered wood travel chest which features over 260 hand assembled mechanical parts.

Set in Alcantara leather, the docking station is hand polished and is available in natural wood or black.

The docking casket will cradle your Chairman mobile as it gentle replenishes the battery and backs up all those important stored bits of info on 32 GB memory stick.

The dock also offers complete multimedia capabilities that include Bluetooth Connectivity. When the phone is reclining in its sophisticated surroundings it can be used handsfree – the phone becomes the microphone and dock speakers created a very expensive conference phone. You can playback high quality music using Bluetooth streaming via those speakers too!.

The Chairman docking station also offers a host of storage options for additional phone accessories, backup drives and chargers – this is a must for the chairman’s office or for use on a luxury yacht.

If you need to ask the price then you can’t afford it 😉

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