Central Park Gets Even Cooler!

Possibly Whirlpools’ attempt to get men to spend more time in the kitchen, or perhaps just another step in the evolution of a totally digital home – you decide.

This is the ‘Whirlpool Centralpark Connection’ installed fridge.  Not only is it a damn nice looking fridge but it has a clever attachment in the door (the Centralpark thingy) that enables you to be able to connect and charge up a load of gadgets from Jabil and others.  These will include the likes of a web tablet, radio, interactive message board and calendar (no more amusing fridge magnets??!!!??), a digital picture frame, DVD and CD players and a charging station for your current MP3 player – chances are that there’ll be a load more entering the range.Â

Model: GD5VVAXTY = $1999US and you can get one (if you live in the states) from Whirlpool.com

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Google Phone – AGAIN!

I know that it’s been a lot of “will they?”, “wont they?” since last year with a bit of ‘leaked’ excitement usually closely followed by ‘official’ denial.  But The Wall Street Journal is reporting that “Google Inc. is close to unveiling its long-planned strategy to shake up the wireless market”.

“People familiar with the matter” are attributed to providing this insider knowledge that sees Google’s applications and services as accessible on mobiles are they are on the web on an “open” operating system.

The article says that Google wants to make it easier for “cellphone” customers to get a variety of extra services on their phones – from maps to social-networking features to video-sharing and says:

“Within the next two weeks, Google is expected to announce advanced software and services that would allow handset makers to bring Google-powered phones to market by the middle of next year”.

It’s known that Google has approached several handset manufacturers about the “gPhone” concept – strongly rumoured partners include HTC and LG.
I’m just waiting for the ‘official’ denial bit now – but who knows?  This time it might actually happen!