Cellrun Lluon A1 – Cool Notebook iMac Desktop Thingy

This neat little Cellrun shares a bit of DNA with the old ‘lamp style’ iMac, a bit of notebook, a bit low-cost desktop Eee PC.

But with that it looks like it’s carving its own niche as a low-power cool designed desktop genre.

The specs include an 18.4-inch widescreen LCD, built-in stereo speakers and microphone and an Intel Atom graftings away inside.

The Lluon A1 is intended to be a multimedia PC since it’s got an IPTV function which requires it to be dual boot (Linux for the IPTV and Windows for regular PC functions).

I’m very inerested to see it in action and in the plastic.

Up til now there’s no pricing info but, what I do know is,  it’ll be hitting the shops mid-September in Korea, Europe and North America.