Cello launches battery TVs for travellers

Cello battery TVBritish TV manufacturer Cello has announced its first battery-operated LED TVs. These are ideal for caravaners and travellers.

The new wireless sets come in 22- and 32-inch flavours and boast a battery life of up to 10 hours. These are a far cry from the black and white portable CRT sets that used to provide rainy-day entertainment back in my youth.

Portable entertainment

These new TV’s have the option to be powered from a power point, or via the lithium ion inbuilt battery.

cello C32277T2-S2A digital aerial is included but the TV will also operate on satellite (satellite dish not included – sorry).

Just charge the telly before leaving home before setting off and you’re all set. Alternatively you can charge it on the road from a car/caravan using the included car adaptor cable.

As an added benefit for those dark nights, two LED lights are included that can be powered from the TV. The USB socket on the TV also allows you to charge your mobile phone.

cello C22277T2-S2 with remoteCello currently has the largest range of LED TVs on the market. They have no less than 14 screen sizes and 28 models all finished and shipped from its factory in County Durham.


Brian Palmer, CEO at Cello Electronics, commented

Due to the flexibility our UK based production line affords, we have the ability to constantly adapt our product range to suit customer demand or explore new niche markets. The battery TV range was built with portability front of mind to make sure those on the move never had to compromise on the quality of their viewing experience. The compact size options and affordable price tag further boost our extensive range, giving valued customers even more choice to find the set that is right for their specific needs.”

Price and availability

Priced affordably with the 22-inch and 32-inch costing £249.99 and £329.99 respectively.

Battery TV AccessoriesThe new Cello battery LED TVs are available from a range of retailers. These include Caravan Warehouse, TV Village, as well as a selection of eBay and Amazon stores.

Additional accessories include: remote control with batteries, two lamps, screwdriver and a car charging adaptor.