Nike+ SportsWatch – GPS run trainer wrist-on review

I have been running for a while and have managed, so far, without anything like the Nike+ Sportwatch GPS. How could a watch improve my running? When I was handed one to review I could see that it was an oversized digital watch with a ┬áreally wide strap in a colour-way that could never be […]

Google Project Glass – Augmented Reality Goggles. Well, Glasses.

Who wouldn’t want instant information about their surroundings paired with voice controlled actions? In the future where even the skinniest of smartphones are too bulky. Google has just confirmed the existence of such a project. ‘Project Glass‘ equips the wearer with a sleek headset which has just one small lens worn over the right eye, […]

Sony SmartWatch – Hands on

While I was supposed to be concentrating on Sony’s NXT range of smartphones at their London MWC show and tell I managed to get up close and personal with the Sony SmartWatch. The SmartWatch is a digital watch which just so happens to run on Android OS and connects your Xperia phone via Bluetooth. I’ve […]

sWaP Rebel Wrist Phone now Available in UK

Now I’ve mentioned the sWaP range before and even wrote about the Rebel watch phone; the good news for those that have been aching to wear the sWaP Rebel in the UK you are able to grab one now! The sWaP Rebel could be mistaken for an iPod Nano on a wrist-strap but the Rebel […]

inPulse Bluetooth Watch can almost Play Doom – Programmable Wrist Computer

When the inPulse first appeared last year it was paired up with a BlackBerry – but, thanks to ‘Super Hacker Rossum‘ and the release of an Software Developer Kit, it has got a new lease of life. Allerta who are responsible for the inPulse have now opened the door to all programmer types to customise […]

SWaP Rebel Watch is a Phone – Keep Your Strap-on iPod Nano!

Now, it seems that everyone is trying to get in on the act converting Apple’s iPod nano into a watch. Sony Ericsson’s LiveView wants to help you check you calls and updates without having to get your phone out of your pocket. Then something reminded me of the clever little sWaP Rebel, one of the […]