PEEX live remixing wearable partners Elton John

You will recall the news of the new PEEX interactive live music platform. Well, now Elton John has announced his exclusive partnership with PEEX. The new and revolutionary live music platform that allows concert-goers to experience live music like never before, launches today with an exclusive Elton John partnership ahead of the start of the […]

run angel: Colour me safe

Run Angel Ltd. has announced a range of Limited Edition Summer colours for their run angel personal safety wearable. We met the innovative Irish company behind the smallest, loudest personal safety wrist wearable, last year. They have just been in touch to let us know that their run angel is now available in a range […]

Myzone fitness trackers for every body

We have all made promises to ourselves to become fitter. However, being surrounded by buff gym addicts tends to send me back to the loving arms of chocolate. Well, the Myzone fitness tracker could help us. Myzone is a wearable fitness tracker that shows and rewards effort when you exercise. It analyses your potential based […]

Android Wear is no more – Wear OS

That’s it. Google has announced that Android Wear has been killed off. Android Wear, Google’s operating system for a whole slew of wearables, has officially been ended. The news was announced via Google’s blog yesterday, March 15th. The statement starts: Android Wear was founded on the belief that wearable technology should be for everyone, no […]

Bose AR smart sunglasses revealed

Bose has unveiled a pair of augmented reality (AR) enabled sunglasses using the Bose AR platform. They certainly present a whole new way that AR can be implemented. The Bose AR prototype uses visual information captured by the glasses and then adds contextually relevant audio information to its wearer. Granted, Bose could have done the […]

Onkyo VC-NX01 neck speaker – MWC 2018

Taking time out from mobile handsets for a moment, I dropped in on Onkyo to check out a couple of their new things, one being the VC-NX01 “neck speaker”. Yes, there are a lot of phones to see at Mobile World Congress, however, this year was the first time Onkyo has rocked up to the […]