TAG Heuer Meridiist; the 21st Century Pocket Watch

We’re all now getting quite used to the fashion label/phone mash-ups so seeing known watch-maker TAG Heuer‘s name attached to one didn’t even cause me to raise an eyebrow. To be honest, the design is quite interesting but not enough to get my want-juices flowing. The specs include a Bi-directional hour display dedicated to time […]

Casio’s New Baby-G’s

Casio have released pics and specs of their new line of Baby-G watches that feature a rather neat zooming display. The BG-2000/2001 series come in white, yellow and orange with shiny wrist bands and have complimentary coloured LCDs and 5 user styles to chose from. The auto-zoom function enlarges the digits when you tilt your wrist […]

A Phone Watch You Would Wear – Van der Led MW2

You might want to sit down. This is quite shocking. There is finally a watch-phone-watch thingy that actually looks good!! This is the Van der Led WM2.  It is a quad-band GSM watch with a 1.3-inch, 260k colour touchscreen display. It also has stereo Bluetooth, can manage up to 240-hours of standby or 300-minutes talk as […]

Punctuality for DJ’s! – Turntable Watch

If you spend your time mixin & matchin on the 1s ‘n’ 2s – Bo! Flud Watches brings you a replica of the classic Technics 1200… in wrist watch form! You have a choice ‘tween a stainless or smooth black leather strap and to add to the effect it even comes in a miniature flight case. One of […]