The Best Portable MP3 Player?

What is it with iPod? Everywhere I look there are accessories for them, adverts for home hi-fis stating proudly ‘includes iPod dock’.  Where are the stereos that include ‘iRiver’ station or ‘Zen Dock’? Are iPods really that good?  Or have we been all wowed by the advertising campaigns and the fact that Apple managed to make […]

Blu-ray – The End is Already Nigh

With the sweet smell of victory still strong in its nostrils could the winning of the HD format war be short lived for Blu-Ray? In an interview with Home Cinema Choice magazine a head-honcho at THX has said: “Personally, I think it’s too late for Blu-ray. I think consumers will only become interested in replacing […]

Loewe Connect 37 – Streaming HD Telebox

Loewe’s latest gogglebox is the Connect 37.  It’s a 37-inch LCD TV with built-in media streaming capabilities.  It’s a ‘Full HD’ 1080p TV, with support for 24p playback from HD media.  Having Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet options means it can connect to a PC running Windows Media Player for lovely file sharing.  Socket-wise there’s the specially sorted SCART so it can display […]

Apple TV? Make Mine Archos TV+

If you’re not entirely convinced by Apple TV you might want to wander over and check out Archos’s TV+. Kinda like a cross between a PVR and the Apple TV it can record shows from Freeview and such but will also stream your choonz and flicks from your puter. You can also feed its hard-drive […]

Blu-Ray USB – DX-4O1S

Now that the war has finished and Blu-Ray stands victoriously brushing the dust off its shoulders whilst wearnig a smug grin it was obvious that, all of a sudden, the people on the sidelines would start to make stuff for the winner. First up here is one from Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions (PLODS?). This […]