Bang Martin – B&O and Aston Martin together

Those who know me know the fact that I love cars. Nice, well designed cars that have been created through passion and not just wind-tunnels and auto-cad. And, if you know me, you know that I have long promised myself an Aston Martin (I have ‘my’ Vanquish already designed and ready – all I have […]

Tube Phone – NokO2yster

O2 has officially announced the launch of the rumoured “Tube-Phone” as a six-month trial across London. 500 O2 customers will be given the already-launched Nokia 6131 NFC handset installed with the “O2 Wallet” and 200 quid pre-loaded by the nice folk at Visa, who already offer an Oyster card. As well as use their Oyster-enabled […]

It’s a Rocker!

Have you got £150 burning a hole in your pocket or looking for an answer to the annual “what would you like for Christmas?” questioning? Ask for a Triker Rocker!!! Looking like a hot-rod cart this bad-boy steers when you lean into the corners. To try and minimise any damage that you’ll probably do to yourself, they have […]

In the Zone

Do you have the unenviable task of driving through London’s busy streets?  Not only do you have to watch out for pedestrians and cyclists that have deathwishes, couriers that ride as if they’re indestructable, you have to keep an eye on the Congestion Zone!  Fortunately, I’m too paranoid to get caught out by this; but […]

You’re Nicked!!!

Contemplating a life of crime?  Well this might make you think again. This brute is the E7 (nothing to do with East Ham!).  At the moment it is a dream of Carbon Motors.  In essence it is a diesel-powered Dodge Charger with a huge  list of extras that will probably never make the production model.  These include […]

VentureOne – It’s the future.

  Hybrid cars might be green, but they have a habit of looking duller than a wet Wednesday – that’s all set to change with the VentureOne.A three-wheeler sexy enough finally to lay memories of the Robin Reliant to rest, this sleek two-person cruiser tops out at 100 miles per hour – and does 100 […]