Unimoke e-bike: coolest 2-wheeled cargo carrier

After a successful crowd funding campaign, Urban Drivestyle have launched the Unimoke. This e-bike features cool retro looks as well as a huge range of accessories. It all adds up to what looks to be a fun and practical way of getting around. The Unimoke not only manages to stand out from the growing e-bike […]

Archos Citee Connect Android scooter – MWC 2018

Archos, to me, is a brand associated with smartphones and tablets. Well, it appears that they have diversified. At MWC 2018 next week, they shall be showing off their Android-powered Citee scooters. I shall be attending my very first Mobile World Congress this year. So, as part of my due diligence, I’ve been snooping around […]

Tesla Starman has hidden cargo – officially celestial object

You may have heard that SpaceX has sent a red Tesla Roadster out into space. Well, it has now been registered by NASA as a fixture. Many of us watched Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy rocket propel the electric car out in to space. Amusingly, the car is being ‘driven’ by a dummy in a spacesuit […]

Swift – Sven Cycles first electric bikes announced

British hand-built bicycle manufacturer, Sven Cycles, has just announced the launch of its first electric bike; The Swift. The Swift has more firsts under its belt too! Not only is it Sven Cycles’ firs e-bike, it is the only mid-motor electric bike to be designed and manufactured in the UK. Furthermore, it is the first […]

RELYNC – stylish folding mobility scooter – CES 2018

A new generation of smart scooter promising to transform the lives of mobility users has been launched at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, USA by RELYNC. RELYNC is the world’s first smart folding mobility scooter. It has been designed to revolutionise the lives of users by providing the most portable, stylish, smart and portable travel […]

Fancy flying a Spitfire? Optoma makes it happen

Ever wondered how it feels to fly a Spitfire? The Goodwood Aerodrome could be the place it happens in 2018. Boultbee Flight Academy at Goodwood Aerodrome in Chichester has created the most true-to-life Spitfire flight simulator using a real Spitfire Mk IX fuselage. Furthermore, it is equipped with authentic gauges, controls and instruments. All of […]