Zinc Volt scooters and Smart powerboards

We’ve had news from Zinc about their battery-powered Volt scooters and Smart powerboards. Zinc is a leading brand in the UK representing categories from pre-school to professionals. Zinc Volt scooters Suitable for ages 8+, the new Volt lithium powered electric scooters lead the charge in greener energy. Their quick charging batteries live for longer. They […]

Parrot Disco drone adds expert manual flying mode

We have written about Parrot’s Disco drone a few times. Now, the company has created an offer especially designed for both beginner and expert model aircraft enthusiasts. It might be a little off-putting if you have clocked up loads of hours flying radio-controlled aircraft only to see someone pick up a clever drone and fly […]

Anki Cozmo UK launch – adorable bot with brains, new look

Practically a year ago I told you all about Cozmo, the awesomely cute robot from Anki. The great news is that it will soon land in the UK. Even better is that there is more choice too! As you might already know, Anki is the consumer robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) company responsible for Overdrive. […]

Gadgety pens for a more civilised age

US brand Cross has just released the tracker pen. This has prompted luxury gift emporium, Pen Heaven, to get in touch and let us know about the future of the mighty writing instrument. With the return of the physical keyboard on smartphones and the ‘vinyl revival‘, there seems to be the need for that missing […]

Anki OVERDRIVE: Fast and Furious Edition launched

Anki, the robotics and artificial intelligence (A.I.) company, have something new to add to their Overdrive line – and it’s Fast & Furious! Following the introduction of Supertrucks last year, Anki today announced a new special edition. Anki OVERDRIVE: Fast & Furious Edition The Fast & Furious Edition will merge the most thrilling elements of […]

Blade Runner M2019 PKD water pistol

It has been very many years since I hankered after a water pistol. But this could be the chance to own a replica of Deckard’s sidearm of choice. Any fan of Blade Runner will recognise the M2019 PKD blaster. This is Rick Deckard’s (Harrison Ford) pistol of choice. Well, later on this year you can […]