Sphero R2-Q5 – the bad ass dark side version of R2-D2

Following the recent launch of Sphero Mini, app-enabled robotic ball and the Star Wars App-Enabled Droids R2-D2, BB-8, and BB-9E a new droid has been announced. R2-Q5 will soon be with us. Sphero has announced updates to its Sphero Edu app as well as going over to the dark side. Sphero Edu app update The […]

Sphero Mini – drive a ball with your face

Sphero has done really well with its robotic balls. It also has had tie-ins with Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar. Now, there’s a new little Sphero, the Mini. The Sphero Mini is basically a shrunken down version of the Sphero 2.0. The new globe weighs just 46 grams and measures 44mm – the same as […]

Amass a Stormtrooper robot army with UBTECH

UBTECH has just let us know about their new First Order Stormtrooper Robot and companion app for iOS and Android. Oh, and it looks frikken ¬†awesome. UBTECH certainly know what they’re doing with robots. This latest addition to their range is certain to be a Christmas hit. The First Order Stormtrooper features augmented reality (AR) […]

Blade Runner competition: Win Deckard’s blaster

You may remember my article about the replica of Rick Deckard’s blaster in water-pistol form. Well, as the release of Blade Runner: 2049 is imminent, here is a very special competition. Through the extreme kindness of my friend, Roy, we have a still packaged, unopened, M2019 PKD blaster to give away to one lucky winner. […]

Anki Cozmo – the cutest droid available in UK

It’s finally here. I have been waiting ages for Cozmo, the awesomely cute robot from Anki, to land in the UK. Now, I can tell you that you’ll be able to get your own adorable bot this week! Ever since June 2016 I have been awaitng Cozmo’s UK arrival. I was teased earlier in the […]

Propel Star Wars Battle Drones launch – UK price, hands on

Following on from the initial ‘soft launch’ Propel went large this year with a full European launch of their awesome Star Wars Battle Drones. Last month I was flown out to Brussels to undergo ‘pilot training’ – with a difference. I wasn’t going to be flying just anything though. I was about to fly one […]