MGM VOD Orange

MGM has signed a deal with Orange to allow their films to be downloaded in a video on demand (VOD) stylee. Orange customers will be able to download the films, with prices starting at 1 Euro, to their PC or on special set-top boxes. The license lasts for 24 hours and in that time you can watch it […]

Futurama coming back atcha

Matt Groening (left), David Cohen, and Bender the robot at Groening’s studio. Photo: Sian Kennedy David X. Cohen is watching a short animation clip on a computer monitor. It’s a tight shot of two robots’ pelvises. They thrust their cube-shaped midsections together and swap a DVD from one of their disc drives to the other. This, […]

It was Murider!

The Murider robot has all the makings of an entertainment based pet.  It has a 4.3 inch screen and can play audio, video and also supports DMB so you can watch digital TV.   This cute little robot can follow you around the place and has sensors to avoid bumping into obstacles.  Like any well behaved pet you can call it to […]

Crimbo top 10

London is already a shopping hell as I discovered last night as I had to brave Oxford Street to get my Dad his birthday presents; which reminded me that Christmas is not too far away. Energizer have published their top 10 tech prezzis.  The list looks like this: The Energizer Top 10 – Overall 1 […]

ShowCenter for Center Stage

Pinnacle, who have the wonderful rebranded Roku Soundbridge in their stable of lovelies which I have much love for, have now revealed the latest model in their ShowCenter range of media streamers. The ShowCenter 250HD will sling videos, tunes and pics from your PC or Mac right into your AV system. Nothing new there then?  Remember this is the time of HD and the […]


Dell’s 3007WFP is preparing to hand over its’ baton to this, the 3008WFP.  The 30″ LCD packs the much lauded DisplayPort input combined with its very lovely 2560×1600 resolution support and 10.8Gbps data rate. The 3008WFP supports the usual suspects with a pair of DVI ports, HDMI, component vid, S-Video, composite, and VGA. I’m trawling the interweb to see […]