Naughty Gizmodo!!

Those little tricksters at Gizmodo played a little joke at CES 2008 that has seen the perp banned from CES! If you haven’t heard; they went armed with a TV-Off remote and went round turning off flat-screen displays that were on the show.  Fortunately the monster one on Panasonic’s stand didn’t have an active IR port!  […]

Top 5 CES Trends

So, where will the not-too-distant future take us according to the many stands at the CES?  Are we going to get those long awaited flying cars, transporters and jet-packs? Not yet – but there are a few quite evident trends that I’ve noticed and here is my top 5: 1. Blu-Ray With more major studios […]

Blu is the Colour?

It’s looking pretty bleak for HD-DVD.   Blu-Ray was already looking quite strong with the likes of Disney, Fox and Sony on board but now Warner Brothers and New Line have joined in the Blu corner. HD-DVD still has its friends in the form of Universal and Viacom – but I’d wait a little longer before buying a HD-DVD only player.

RSS TV by Samsung

This is a simply brilliant and brilliantly simple idea – A tele that will update info via RSS. Samsung is to be lauded for this cool concept that has plenty of scope for use in all sorts of areas.  As well as being kept up-to-date at home; imagine City trader types having stock info on […]

Panasonic Lifewall

There has been rumours of a 150″ Plasma being produced by Panasonic. What has been spotted was possibly the most well guarded thing the sleuths from Engadget saw. They couldn’t manage a good gawp at the front but did get round the back of the substantial structure.  At first it was thought that they had also discovered […]

Wrap-round monitor from Alienware

Although still in prototype stylee; how cool is this doublewide curved DLP display complete with OLED illumination from Alienware? They say that it will be available in the second half of this year though.  The curvature of the 2880 x 900 res screen has been designed to mimic the players peripheral vision and with a reported sub .02-millisecond response time it should […]