Samsung m7600 – Helio with Bang and Olufsen Amp

Engadget have stumbled upon this Helio Ocean styled Samsung M7600. It looks quite groovy and has HSDPA and a 3 megapixel camera. It’s also packing GPS, a 2.8-inch AMOLED touchscreen display and, you may have noticed, a Bang & Olufsen amplifier. It is said that it has some kinda DJ scratching app. Apparently it’s going […]

Sony in iPod / iPhone Dock Shocker

Now, as far as I’m aware, Sony still make their own brand of MP3 player. But they’ve decided that they need to build a dock for that relative ‘Johnny-come-lately’ Apple. Sony’s newest Dream Machine, the ICF-CD3iP, has been sprung by Sony Insider. The iPhone/iPodClock/Radio Dock isn’t ugly and will probably be of decent quality (unless […]

Use O2 Mobile Phones On The UK Underground

DRAT!! My last place of escape is slowly being eroded ­čÖü I can’t be the only one who uses the Underground as an excuse not to be contactable – those days are number my friends. O2 customers in the Glasgow Subway will soon be the first in the UK to use their mobile phones underground. […]

iPhone Price Drop = 3G on the Horizon?

According to Mobile magazine O2 is about to cut the cost of an iPhone in the UK to ┬ú169. The ┬ú100 price cut is apparently due to be announced tomorrow (that’s Wednesday 16th folks) and follows T-Mobile’s recent decision to reduce the price of the 8GB handset to 99 euros (dependent on tariff) in Germany. […]

Nokia N95 = 1,000,000

The Nokia N95 – I have one,┬ámy brother┬árecently got one and now my boss has got one – and so does a heap of other people!! Nokia has announced that since hitting the shops in April sales of its N95 handset have hit the one million mark within the UK. “The Nokia N95 has more […]

Nokia Music Store Opens Tomorrow

What great timing – I’ve just got my shiny new N95 and then those lovely people at Nokia decide to open an iTunes style store just for me – they just know how much I love music :0) Prices are 79p per track or an album for ┬ú7.99 – whack em onto your Windows Media […]