Tech Addicts podcast #3

It’s that time again when Sam, Gavin, Gareth and my good self gather around a virtual table to discuss what’s been happening over the last couple of weeks. So, episode 3 and our first listener question which is good, and also a correction to be made from the last show. We welcome all feedback by-the-way […]

Tech Addicts podcast #2

We’re back for our second Tech Addicts podcast! Gareth Myles, Gavin Fabiani-Laymond and Jay Garrett are back for another helping of Tech Addicts goodness. Apologies for the slight hiccup last time in the recording which meant we’ve been absent for longer than planned – but we are ready for action and reporting back on our […]

Tech Addicts podcast #1

Tech Addicts, the wonderful new site brought to you by Gareth Myles, now has a shiny new podcast associated with it. Not only that, but Gareth has brought together some gadgety gurus to help and give their opintion – one of which is me! This is the first edition of what is hoped to be […]