Tech Addicts podcast #39 – Note 8, 3310, XZ Premium, Xperia Touch (not a phone)

We hope you love your mobile tech. What am I saying? Of course you do! This week Gareth, Gavin, Ricky and I catch up with all the news, reviews and bargains from the past week. And what a week it has been. Samung has finally launched their Note 8. Not only that, they’ve a bunch […]

Tech Addicts podcast #38 – Nokia 8 out, HTC U11 adoration, deep tissue massage

Welcome to another edition of the Tech Addicts UK podcast. This week, Gareth, Gavin, Ricky, and I  discuss phones, crowd surfing and massage. It’s not often that, when talking about tech, a friend announces that they are a qualified masseuse. Well, that happened this week. That’s not the only news though. The Nokia 8 had […]

Tech Addicts podcast #37 – Pixel 2, Note 8, iPhone 7S

The dream team is back! Today you have the pleasure of Gareth, Gavin, Ricky, and my good self. This week we have a stack of kit that we’ve reviewed as well as news of possibly three of the most anticipated phones to launch this year. Naturally, we’d like to save you some money along the […]

Tech Addicts podcast #36 – Nokia 8, Archos Diamond Alpha, sensitive lighting

In this week’s Tech Addicts UK podcast Gareth and Ricky gives the last seven day’s gadget happenings a once-over. In the last week we have seen the Nokia 8 break cover. Check out what we think. Also, in this week’s episode, there are reviews of tablets, chargers, headphone amps and motion sensitive controlers. Not only […]

Tech Addicts Podcast #35 – Prime deals and are Flagships overrated?

Please forgive my tardiness. It’s been bonkers busy at Gadgety HQ. That also explains why this episode is sans me! Never fear though. For you have the aural delights of Gareth, Ricky and Gavin. They have plenty of chat and bring news of bargains! On the subject of bargains, how was Prime Day for you? […]

Tech Addicts Podcast #34 – OnePlus 5, Honor 9, Vodafone Smart V8

We’ve had a bit of a ‘break’ but we’re back and in full effect! Now, I am using ‘break’ in its loosest term. We’ve basically all been busy with tech and/or life commitments. That said, you know you’re important to us too, right? Well, this week you have the dulcet and familiar tones of Gareth, […]