Tech Addicts UK Podcast #47 – Coming from Canada

As well as covering the latest news and releases, including Huawei’s Mate 20 Series and the return of Palm, Gareth chats with Michelle about her tech loves and woes. Expect comparisons with the lunar landing and WiFi in Edinburgh. Also, we almost get to hear Gareth impersonate Gavin and I. A close call that one. […]

Tech Addicts UK Podcast #46 – Return of the Tech Addicts

Don’t worry; you haven’t fallen into a wormhole back to 2017. This is October 2018, and you are looking at a brand new Tech Addicts Podcast! Gareth and yours truly are here to guide you through the latest gadgety news. This week Google has announced a raft of new devices crafted by their own fair […]

Tech Addicts #45 – The Ex’s edition: iPhone X, Xbox One X

It’s that time again. In this week’s episode of the Tech Addicts Podcast, you have the fortune to spend time with Gareth and Ricky. You may have missed the news, but Apple recently delivered its most expensive flagship phone, the iPhone X. I know, they kept that quiet didn’t they? There was also the small […]

Tech Addicts podcast #44 – The Pixel conspiracy

We are back again. There was a break but that could not be avoided. Well, not by us anyhow. This week you have the joy of Gareth, Ricky, Gavin and I. Yes, I missed a couple of episodes whilst I was away in Canada but last week could not helped. As you will soon hear, […]

Tech Addicts podcast #41 – Gee, it is Appley!

It’s the Double Gee edition! Today you have Gareth and Gavin to guide you through this week’s news and reviews. In this episode it gets unsurprisingly fruity. No, it’s not the lads being all laddy, it’s the abundance of Apple windfalls in the news recently. However, it’s not all one-sided. Adding yet another ‘G’ in […]

Tech Addicts podcast #40 – IFA 2017 and reality choices

It is time for another Tech Addicts podcast. As tearful parents (tears of joy?) waved their precious darlings off back to school, our thoughts are more focused on what Berlin had to offer.  Gareth and Ricky takes you through their opions of IFA 2017 as well as giving the Acer Chromebook 15 the once-over. Archos […]