Captcha goes metal \m/\m/

Anyone that has filled in a form on the interweb will have come across captcha – the squiggle, smudged and sometimes blurred letters and numbers you have to decypher and type in to a box in order for you to proceed. Now, the anti-bot protection system has gone very metal! There’s been memes-aplenty based around […]

Microsoft Hyperlapse now works with older smartphones

You may recall that I was slightly miffed that my HTC One M7 was not compatible with Microsoft Hyperlapse, that has changed. Typically, now that I am rocking a shiny new HTC One M9, the Hyperlapse video smoothing app has been updated and is capable of supporting older devices that were previously unable loaded with […]

iOS 8.4 and Apple Music lands tomorrow

Apple Music is launching tomorrow and now Apple has confirmed that they will also be releasing iOS 8.4 tomorrow. As well as releasing iOS 8.4 for Apple Music, the company also confirmed that it will be releasing a new version of iOS 9 Beta for developers that will enable their new music streaming service. Apple […]

Android M to bring fingerprint scanning

It looks as though Google is aiming to take on Apple’s Touch ID with their own kick-ass digit scanner. Google OS’s security credentials could be getting a hefty boost thanks to the introduction of a standardised fingerprint scanning system. According to rumours surrounding Android M it appears that a native fingerprint authentication system is likely […]

Microsoft Hyperlapse brings extra creativity to Android videos

After a long period of development, Microsoft has released its Hyperlapse app to let users create professional-looking time lapse videos with their phone and they’re sharing the love with Android users. The Hyperlapse app is available for Windows Phone and Android, although the Android version does have a beta tag attached to it so it […]

Google Map Maker suspended

Remember the picture of a cheeky Android Mascot peeing on an Apple logo which was discovered on Google Maps? Well, Google has responded by suspending their Map Maker tool. Google has announced that as of today, Map Maker will be temporarily unavailable and Google are looking to fix the issues on Google Maps that have […]