Periscope streams live to Twitter from today

Twitter will now live stream your lunchbreak, your cat falling off the sink or whatever you want to share thanks to Periscope live streaming now appearing in your friend’s timeline. Today sees the start of live Periscope broadcasts appearing rather than the usual plain ol’ URL. The video stream will play automatically, albeit without sound, […]

Lightsaber Escape – the best The Force Awakens free time leech

There is only one thing better than having a trusty blaster at your side, perhaps a weapon of a more civilised age? How does being stuck aboard a Star Destroyer, with Stormtroopers coming at you with only a lightsaber between you and certain death (if the Stormtroopers have sorted their aim out by now)? That’s […]

Digital teaching tools for everyone from kids to adults

Technology has changed the way we connect, communicate and share information. Now it’s finally changing the way students learn as well as the classrooms they learn in. Teachers are using digital tools and resources in their classrooms more and more, and different programs and educational websites have been developed to fill the demand, such as […]

Thingsee One – Internet of Things made easy

Way back in August I introduced you to Thingsee One, the little Internet of Things (IoT) gadget that could start as a gateway to the connected device world as well as drawing developers to push it a little more. I have had the honour of having One around for a while and I am hooked. […]

Court officially recognises gadget allergy as disability

Imagine, not being able to use a smartphone, tablet, PC or even bare to be around tech in general. I know, scary isn’t it. For some people this is a reality but is rarely treated as a serious thing. A breakthrough has happened though as a French woman has won a disability grant after telling […]

Captcha goes metal \m/\m/

Anyone that has filled in a form on the interweb will have come across captcha – the squiggle, smudged and sometimes blurred letters and numbers you have to decypher and type in to a box in order for you to proceed. Now, the anti-bot protection system has gone very metal! There’s been memes-aplenty based around […]