Snapchat adds Snap Map – find your friends, not for stalking!

If you’re in awe of your cool friends Snapchat stories and want to be part of the action, you can be. Snapchat’s new Snap Maps will tell you exactly where your friends are. Snapchat’s latest feature lets you share your location with your Snapchat friends. You can also see their location on a map. The […]

GadgetyNews – top UK tech blog in the spotlight

I enjoy writing about all the latest tech and reviewing gadgets, that goes without saying hopefully. Recently, though, the tables have been turned and I have been interviewed about GadgetyNews. For those of you that have just discovered this corner of the interwebs, GadgetyNews has been a habit (it’s so much more than a hobby) […]

TrackR pixel – a new, smaller, brighter TrackR

Today, TrackR has announced that their new TrackR pixel is now available. The TrackR pixel boasts to being one of the smallest and brightest Bluetooth tracking devices on the market. In addition to having a longer range and louder ringer than TrackR bravo, TrackR pixel includes an LED light that makes it easier to locate […]

Google – best, failed, unknown products infographic

Hardly a day goes by without me hearing someone say “Google it”. The thing is, relatively few people know that Google is more than a search engine. The company has had significant success, epic flops and has different parts to it’s complex personality that only a select few people know about. Google is not only […]

Gadgety pens for a more civilised age

US brand Cross has just released the tracker pen. This has prompted luxury gift emporium, Pen Heaven, to get in touch and let us know about the future of the mighty writing instrument. With the return of the physical keyboard on smartphones and the ‘vinyl revival‘, there seems to be the need for that missing […]

PicoBrew Model C homebrew beer machine Europe-bound

PicoBrew, the automatic beer brewing counter-top appliance company, has today announced that it will be expanding its business into Europe. The U.S.-only Pico home brewing machines will soon be available to European customers. Pico appliances allow anyone to brew delicious “craft” beers. This is achieved in between 7 and 14 days by using PicoPaks from […]