Eine and Kaspersky Data Dollar Store – swap data for art

Renowned street artist Ben Eine has created limited edition artwork in his famous lettering style for sale in a pop up store by cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab at a two-day pop-up shop. The Data Dollar store is located in Old Street station, East London. Fans will be able to purchase exclusive screenprints and merchandise at […]

Snapchat Crowd Surf joins users gig footage together

Snapchat is trialling a new concert-related feature that stitches together individual video clips from different users to create one seamless video. When Snapchat announced Snap Map, it had a mixed reception. This was mainly due to potential stalking and putting kids at risk. This new development, however, sounds much safer and fun. Although, I am […]

Mynt tracker review

Bluetooth tracking devices are handy, there is no doubt about that. I’ve been using a fresh one called Mynt. But it is more than just a tracker. I guess with the amount of trackers appearing, you have to do something to stand out from the crowd. Some get famous designers involved. Others go to be […]

Pocket flamethrower is hottest self-defense device

Pepper spray to imprecise? Tasers a little too zappy? How about your own flamethrower to keep pervs away? Yup, here we have the latest in personal protection. A pocket flamethrower. I almost feel sorry for any would-be attacker. Well, actually, scratch that. If you attempt to pounce on anyone without consent, you should expect to […]

Leave Airbnb reviews even if did not stay

Airbnb has agreed with the CMA to change its online reviews system. This will allow guests who choose not to stay where they booked to leave reviews. As part of its ongoing work in relation to online reviews the UK’s primary competition and consumer authority became aware that some Airbnb bookers could not leave reviews. […]

Online censorship infographic – countries ranked

Online censorship is the latest battleground in the fight for freedom of information and access to unrestricted content and knowledge. Simply living in Russia means that your access to political media is restricted. However, across in Finland, only torrents are restricted. Countries such as the UK and USA have relatively few limitations. I won’t get […]