Blue Blackout Spark SL microphone review

A while ago we brought you news of the latest mic from Blue, the Blackout Spark SL. Well, I loved how it looked so I asked to see if we could play with one. Blue Microphones have been the go to brand for many a podcaster and home recording musician for a while now, and […]

Vote GadgetyNews in the #UKBA18

Well, it has happened once again. GadgetyNews has been nominated for the prestigious UK Blog Awards (UKBA18). This low jargon, high tech corner of the interwebs has been put forward a few times now. Whilst I really do appreciate being nominated it would be nice to actually win something this year. The only way I […]

GadgetyNews – Ten years of tech news and gadget reviews

Happy birthday to GadgetyNews and congratulations on making it to double figures! Nothing lasts for long in the world of tech, so it is with a degree of pride that I am able to announce the tenth birthday of this website. In fact, the very first post from me here occurred on October 30th, 2007! […]

Blue Blackout Spark SL pro podcasting, recording condenser mic

Blue has just let me know about their newest, and possibly coolest professional condenser microphone, the Blackout Spark SL. Yes, it’s a black mic from Blue, but its spec sheet looks just as good as the mic does. Blackout Spark SL microphone The Blackout Spark SL is an XLR condenser mic designed for professional recording […]

Hey Facebook! Where did everyone go? News Feed drops free reach

Facebook has been testing a major change to the way its News Feed works. The results are a huge drop in reach unless you pay. Facebook has been testing this proposed update in at least six countries. Most people realises the grip that social media giants Facebook and Twitter has, but this latest update could […]

Linquet Bluetooth tracker review

We have had a number of Bluetooth trackers through Gadgety HQ. The latest one we have received is the Linquet. A reliable anti-loss device which transmits real-time coordinates is a real life saver. It is especially handy if you can attach the tracker to anything – mobile devices, bikes, pets, children, you get the idea. […]