It was Murider!

The Murider robot has all the makings of an entertainment based pet.  It has a 4.3 inch screen and can play audio, video and also supports DMB so you can watch digital TV.   This cute little robot can follow you around the place and has sensors to avoid bumping into obstacles.  Like any well behaved pet you can call it to […]

Drunken Robot Style – EMIEW

Hitachi has unveiled an office worker robot named “EMIEW 2,” which is a lighter, more compact and more sophisticated version of Hitachi’s 1st-generation EMIEW (Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate) robot developed in March 2005. The robot was demonstrated on November 21 at the company’s Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory, where it was supposed to […]

Sakura Girl

Looking for Christmas ideas for my neice I found this on Shiny Shiny. This is the Sakura robot, it’s pink and seems to get around on a customised Segway. Apparently, she knows a few jokes, can give you “fun facts and fashion tips” and play back five different songs. Additionally, her board can be remotely […]

Droids! Rise of the iRobots!

Meet Roomba! This little fella just loves to sweep up after you. You can even programme the droid to start work during the day so you come home to a vacuumed home 🙂 Here’s the websites blurb: Life happens in busy homes. Stay ahead of messy floors with the touch of a button! Smart and […]