Parrot to announce new drone on June 6th #ItsComing

Parrot has given us a heads-up ahead of their announcement this week which will take place on June 6th. Parrot is all set to launch their newest addition to their drone inventory this week. Naturally, the French drone manufacturer has only made vague hints on their website and social media as to what we can […]

Gladius 4K underwater drone

Underwater drone specialist Chasing Innovation has launched the Gladius Advanced Pro. This LED-equipped smart submersible boasts omni-directional capabilities. The aquatic camera drone can dive up to 328 feet to capture 4K images and video, and live stream with “incredible clarity”. Following a successful Indiegogo campaign, which raised $500,000, Gladius is now available to buy with […]

Alexa creeping people out with random laughter

Has the Artificial Intelligence from Amazon turned a malevolent corner? Reports are coming in that Alexa has started to break out in maniacal laughter, apparently at random. Could this point to something more sinister?  The smart home speaker-based bot is already considered untrustworthy by some who are suspicious of the robot who listens to every […]

DJI Mavic Air officially announced

DJI has finally gone official with its excellent Mavic Air camera drone. We reported the leaked deets of the Mavic Air yesterday. From what I have seen unfold on DJI’s Twitter account, we were pretty much bang on. However, the pricing is $100 more than the leakers thought. What was correct was that the new […]

DJI Mavic Air – newest compact drone leaked

DJI is all set to reveal its latest compact, foldable drone tomorrow. However, someone has beaten them to the line and has shown the world their DJI Mavic Air. Yup, spoilers. But, DJI’s newest drone, purportedly called the “Mavic Air,” looks like a cross between DJI’s ultra compact and foldable Mavic Pro and the even […]

Staff cry as ShopBot fired after a week

Seattle may have their first store without a checkout, but Britain has already seen its first robot shop assistant fired. One fear that most humans have of robots is that they’ll eventually make us redundant. However, one droid has already experienced what it’s like to get sacked from your first job. The shop bot, affectionately […]