Nokia N8 Hands-on Review – Media Darling or Symbian Simpleton?

I’ve liked the Nokia’s that I’ve previously owned and it was only Apple’s iPhone 3G that dragged me away. Now I’ve been allowed to live with Nokia’s N8 and I was looking forward to what they’ve managed to come up with since I left. The N8 appeared in stores in October 2010 and I definitely […]

Three Mobile Mi-Fi Hands-on Review

I’ve been using this clever little thing for a few months now and I have to say – it’s darned useful. Before taking it home I was aware that the previous model was a tad below par from what friends had said.  Yeah, it was handy but it took a long time to charge and […]

Sony Ericsson Zylo Hands-on Review

A Sony Ericsson Walkman mobile phone? Yup – It’s been a while since having a mobile that will play music AND take photo’s would cause me to go WOW! So, when I was asked to take a look at the chacha silver SE handset I thought – why not? Thing is that I’ve grown accustomed […]

iPhone 4 Hands-on Review – 48 Hours of Ownership

Yup – I queued up on the off-chance that I could score an iPhone 4 on release day. I attempted to get up early but the night before still loomed over me, wagging its finger and laughing. At 3pm I decided to give it a shot. 150 minutes minutes later I was leaving the store […]

Sony MDR-NC300D Noise Cancelling Earphones – Ears on Review

I feel that I should be fair and state at the start of this review that I’m a headphones not an earphones man. So, when I received a package containing Sony’s catchily named MDR-NC300D noise cancelling earphones I couldn’t help but pity the little mite. I’ve never bothered with noise cancelling cans as I generally […]

TC Electronic RH450 and RS210 – Bass Amp 2.0 User Review

The time had arrived. Subset is getting busier and busier and the fact that I no longer have my ’71 Karmann Ghia Coupe to transport me and my bass rig about meant that I had to look at a more portable solution than my Hartke and SansAmp rig. I needed something that I could easily […]