DAB your iPod

Here’s a natty idea for all those iPod carrying radio lovers.  Intempo have produced a pretty cool looking DAB radio attachment for all you Apple users.  Imaginatively called the iDAB it plugs in the bottom of your Pod and let’s you blaze through all those lovely digital broadcasts. You can even whack it in your dock […]

Dell Monster – M1730

As some of you may already be aware – I’m looking to buy a gaming/home recording laptop.  Machines that have made the shortlist include wares from Rock, Asus and Dell.  Whilst looking at the Dell site I found that they’ve added a new machine. The XPS M1730 is an updated version of the award-winning XPS M1710.  […]

Wrist Watch

Here’s some more wrist candy for your delight!.  How does a watch that also includes a 2GB MP4-player and is available to buy in the UK grab you?  It doesn’t only feed you moving pictures via its 1.8-inch OLED screen, the MP4 watch also plays MP3 files and has a FM radio function too.  You can also […]

Bangles go Bluetooth

This is quite a natty idea in my opinion.  If, like me, your trousers are on the snug side of comfy so tend to put your phone in a jacket pocket, or if you’re a lady and don’t have pockets in your trousers or skirt or you’re either gender and sling your mobile in a bag then […]

Apple cut cord on power hungry extras

Out on our gadget travels today, we stumbled across some interesting iPod news. According to a well placed source, Apple’s reviewing their Made for iPod and Made for iPhone deals, bringing an end to peripherals piggy backing off their gadgets’ battery. So no more iTrips and dinky docks sucking the life out of Infinite Loop’s […]

Not a Flash Merc

It’s been a while since I’ve visited Engadget’s Japanese site – so, off I clicked to be faced with this obviously Mercedes branded PMP. After closer investigation, apart from the merc on the screen, there is nothing to associate this player with the luxury German brand. This comes from China and is undoubtably not built […]